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Technical report on fresh and hardened properties of modified rubberised concrete (short term)


This report addresses Task 2.1 of WP2 of the Anagennisi project and aims to examine the fresh and short?term hardened properties of confined rubberised concrete. This report complements deliverable “D1.1 Pilot study on rubberised concrete and concepts for developing highly deformable elements” that summarises the results of a large pilot test programme on rubberised concrete. The main goal of the pilot study was to select mixes to perform further experiments in WP2. Preliminary results on rubberised concrete indicate that the mix fresh properties and compressive strength deteriorates as rubber content increases. Mix parameters that were investigated in this study include: different rubber contents replacing both fine and coarse aggregate proportions, binders (silica fume and pulverised fuel ash), rubber pre?treatments, mixing and consolidation techniques and specimen preparation techniques. This report discusses the influence of these mix parameters on a) the concrete fresh properties, b) uniaxial compressive strength and c) the axial and lateral deformations in standard (100 diameter × 200 height) unconfined cylinders. It is shown that the development of an ‘optimised mix’ has to balance the effect of rubber on the fresh properties and compressive strength of concrete.

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Anagennisi Deliverable Report 2.1

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Sheffield, UK