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Eco-mechanical analysis of tyres-fiber-reinforced cement-based composites


A comparison among different tyre-fiber-reinforced-concrete (TFRC) mixes is performed in this paper. The results of an extensive experimental campaign carried out as part of the European funded Anagennisi Project are examined and discussed. The TFCR mix with the best mechanical and environmental performances was identified through the implementation of the so-called eco-mechanical analysis developed at the University of Turin. The main parameters taken into account to determine the Eco-mechanical index (EMI) of the examined TFRC mixes were: the crack width of ideal RC ties; the embodied energy; and the carbon footprint released by the manufacturing of the TFRC mixes. As a result, it can be concluded that recycled tyre-fibers can reduce the crack width of concrete structures during their service life, and therefore can successfully be used as alternative to manufactured fibres without penalising structural performance. The use of a blend of tyres-fibers and industrial fibers seems to yield the best overall performance.

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Second International Conference on Concrete Sustainability
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Second International Conference on Concrete Sustainability
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