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Marie Curie Research Training Network


En-Core: European Network for Composite Reinforcement

The project comprises a cohesive and complementary team of top experts in the field from 9 different countries, having the majority of participants from Industry, EU less favoured regions and Associated states. The network aims to create the ideal environment for delivering the best training for young researchers in the field of FRP reinforcement using a variety of delivery modalities, including an intensive research training course, Young Researchers Conferences and industry mentoring. The RTN will provide an excellent platform for the training of young and experienced researchers at leading institutions and industries in Europe, having as teachers some of the most eminent experts in the field.

The network and the mobility of researchers will contribute to the creation of a European Research Area in the field of Composites in Concrete Construction. This network is anticipated to become the seed for the creation of a cohesive European Research Area in this field, which will lead Internationally and reverse the brain drain of young and experienced researchers.
The main aims of the project are to address specific scientific challenges in the field and develop tests and models to help with the standardization process and to bridge the gap between academia and industry so as to accelerate the transfer of knowledge and adoption of FRP in construction.

Project dates

Start date: 
January 2005
End date: 
January 2008