Concrete and Earthquake Engineering Research Group

Department of Civil & Structural Engineering

GRE.A.TE.R.S. GREen Advanced TEchnologies for the Retrofitting of masonry Structures


Urban safety and seismic risk mitigation are two reasons policymakers and structural engineers around the world are focusing more resources on historic buildings that have been constructed from unreinforced masonry (URM). Over the past decades, various retrofitting and strengthening approaches have been implemented to improve the integrity of the structures, but these can be costly, labour-intensive and highly obtrusive. The EU-funded GRE.A.TE.R.S. project will develop a more sustainable and cost-effective solution that uses natural fibre meshes embedded in an inorganic lime-mortar matrix. According to the project, this reliable solution can be engineered to meet the specific performance criteria of masonry buildings.


Marie Skłodowska-Curie Actions

Project dates

Start date: 
November 2019
End date: 
October 2021