Concrete and Earthquake Engineering Research Group

Department of Civil & Structural Engineering

Mr Tommy Horton

PhD Student


Department of Civil and Structural Engineering
Sir Frederick Mappin Building
Mappin Street,
S1 3JD



I completed my undergraduate MEng Masters in Civil and Structural engineering at the University of Sheffield where I was awarded the special achievement award at my graduation. My final year project/dissertation title was ‘Development of a CLT-steel shear connection to be integrated into steel framed multi-storey buildings.’ I took an interest in structural dynamics during my 4th year of study and decided to pursue this field further as a PhD.

I am currently researching and developing a performance based seismic design methodology for steel framed moment resistant buildings in order to control the damage, residual drift and floor accelerations. A cost effective optimized solution to reduce residual displacements and damage is essential. Specifically beam column connections are being researched in order to develop and integrate a feasible solution. 

Recent activities and achievements

PhD Research Objectives

  • Develop a beam column connection, device or method in order to concentrate plastic deformation and energy dissipation at specific parts of the structure
  • Develop a performance based design methodology
  • Determine optimization criteria

Tasks and Methodology

  • Numerical modeling using Abaqus and OpenSees software 
  • Development of a performance based design methodology for steel farmed multi storey building in order to enable ‘collapse prevention’ in a strong earthquake and ‘immediate occupancy’ and ‘life safety’ in medium earthquakes.