Concrete and Earthquake Engineering Research Group

Department of Civil & Structural Engineering

Mr Sultan Alotaibi

PhD Student


Department of Civil and Structural Engineering
Sir Frederick Mappin Building
Mappin Street,
S1 3JD


In 2010, Sultan obtained his BSC in Civil Engineering from Qassim University (Kingdom of Saudi Arabia). He then joined Yard consulting office in Qassim region and worked on different infrastructure projects owned by the ministry of water and electricity. One year later, Sultan had the opportunity to join the academia as a teaching assistant at Civil department in Shaqra University (Kingdom of Saudi Arabia). In 2015, he was awarded MSc in Civil and Structural Engineering from the University of Nottingham (UK). His MSc project was on flexural behaviour of two-way slabs with cut-out strengthened with TRM. After Sultan had obtained his MSc, he joined the University of Sheffield to pursue his PhD in the field of Fibre reinforced composites.   

Recent activities and achievements

Project title: Optimum strengthening of deficient RC structures using Fibre Reinforced Polymers (FRPs) and Fiber Reinforced Cementitious Matrix (FRCM) Composites 

Objectives: Suggesting design guidelines to engineers and professionals to use these new technologies, TRM and SRG, in terms of bond-related applications. 

Tasks and methodology:
This project will be accomplished by means of a literature review and an experimental study:

  • The literature review will help creating a database of existing experiments on Textile Reinforced Mortar (TRM) and Steel Reinforced Grout (SRG). This database might also contain some experiments on FRPs as TRM and SRG were born out of FRPs as a progressive development in that field which makes them connected in a way or another to FRPs mainly for the sake of comparison.  
  • The experimental study is aimed at bridging the gap of knowledge explored in the first task (the database). The experimental study, however, will be limited to some issues mainly related to bond as it is thought that there is a lack of knowledge in this area due to the novelty of these two systems.   

Expected results:

Design guidelines to use Textile Reinforced Mortar (TRM) and Steel Reinforced Grout (SRG) in strengthening deficient RC structures in an optimum way that will keep balance between the integrity of the structure and the cost of the materials.

Supervisor: Dr Iman Hajirasouliha