Concrete and Earthquake Engineering Research Group

Department of Civil & Structural Engineering

Dr Szymon Cholostiakow

Marie Curie Early Stage Researcher


Department of Civil and Structural Engineering
Sir Frederick Mappin Building
Mappin Street,
S1 3JD


Szymon graduated in civil engineering at the Lodz University of Technology (TUL) in Poland. During his studies, he worked at the Laboratory of Concrete Structures as a Research Technician. After he was awarded the MSc degree (2012), he started to work in Department of Concrete Structures at the TUL as a researcher. For the next two years, he was involved in reinforcing and strengthening RC structures using FRP composites. Szymon finished recently his PhD studies through the Marie Curie ITN "Endure" at the University of Sheffield. The topic of his PhD thesis is ‘Size Effect in Shear Critical FRP RC Beams’.

Recent activities and achievements

Project title:    Shear Behaviour and Design of FRP RC Beams

Objectives:    This research project will: 1. collect detailed information on the behaviour of FRP RC elements subjected to shear dominated loads, 2. quantify the contribution of shear carrying mechanisms, 3. develop less conservative and more reliable design recommendations.

Tasks and methodology:    The majority of shear models used in current design recommendations for FRP RC still rely on semi empirical methods. This work will aim to gain additional insights into the nature of the parameters affecting shear behaviour through the adoption of a methodology integrating experimental testing on medium scale elements, analytical modelling and non-linear finite element analysis. Experimental techniques based on 2D and 3D implementation of Digital Image Correlation (DIC) will be used alongside conventional measuring techniques to examine the global and local deformation behaviour, including damage initiation and evolution, and assist with the updating of current material models and the development of more accurate design equations.

Expected results:    Experimental protocols for the use of DIC to monitor strains in RC elements; Database of experimental data of FRP RC elements tested in shear; Shear design model for FRP RC beams.

Supervisor:    Dr Maurizio Guadagnini

Research project(s)

COST Action TU1207

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