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Dr Stefano De Santis

Academic Researcher


Department of Civil and Structural Engineering
Sir Frederick Mappin Building
Mappin Street,
S1 3JD


Stefano De Santis is a civil engineer and an academic researcher. His scientific interests include the assessment and rehabilitation of masonry arch bridges and historic constructions, the reinforcement of existing structures with composites, the experimental testing in the laboratory and the field, the structural health monitoring and condition assessment with the acoustic emission technique, and the numerical modeling of structures. He got his BSc, MSc and PhD in Civil Engineering at Roma Tre University. After having been a post-doc research assistant at the University of the West of England at Bristol, UK, he got his current position at the Department of Engineering of Roma Tre University in Rome, Italy. He is a member of the RILEM TC 250-CSM Composites for the Sustainable Strengthening of Masonry, of the Cost Action TU1207 Next Generation Design Guidelines for Composites in Construction, of the Liaison Rilem TC 250 – ACI 549 0L committee, and of the UIC Research Group on the Assessment of Masonry Arch Bridges. Stefano is author of more than 50 scientific publications including journal papers, conference proceedings and a book on Masonry Arch Bridges based on his PhD Thesis that received a Special Mention at the Edoardo Benvenuto Award (2012). In February 2017, Stefano spent a period as a Visiting Researcher at the Department of Civil and Structural Engineering of the University of Sheffield, with a Short Term Scientific Mission grant provided by the Cost Action TU1207.

Research project(s)

COST Action TU1207

Action TU1207 leverages the already large amount of work carried out on the use of composite reinforcement for structural applications by individual research teams and existing learned groups. Action TU1207 was established in 2013 and operated until 2017. During these four years the Action aimed: to coordinate European research in...