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Dr Harris Angelakopoulos

Technical Director, Twincon Ltd

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Department of Civil and Structural Engineering
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Harris Angelakopoulos, is the Technical Director at Twincon Ltd (Tyre Wire IN CONcrete). TWINCON Ltd, was formed in December 2010 for the sole purpose of acquiring and exploiting patents and other intellectual property from the University of Sheffield in the general area of steel fibre reinforced concrete using steel fibres from end-of-life tyres.

Harris has been involved in several national and international network groups and collaborative projects with the University of Sheffield. He has more than 10 years of research experience in diverse thematic areas ranging from Fibre Reinforced Polymers in concrete (Encore EU research project) to Fibre Reinforced Concrete (EcoLanes EU STREP project), tyre wire in concrete (Twincletoes EU Eco-innovation project) as well as reused tyre polymer fibre in concrete (Anagennisi project). He is the recipient of a prize from the Royal Academy of Engineering on urban regeneration.

Recent activities and achievements

  • All aspects of development & commercialisation of Reused Tyre Steel and Polymer Fibres in concrete
  • Prototype development
  • Design and analysis of FRC structures
  • CE marking aspects of innovative fibrous reinforcements
  • Project management of externally funded research projects


MEng, Civil Engineering, The University of Sheffield
MSc, Earthquake and Civil Engineering, The University of Sheffield
PhD, Civil Engineering, The University of Sheffield

Research project(s)


Innovative Use of all Tyre Components in Concrete
Anagennisi: Innovative Use of all Tyre Components in Concrete An estimated one billion tyres are discarded each year. Post-Consumer tyre arisings for EU countries (2010) are 3.4M tonnes per year. At the moment nearly 50% of all recycled tyres/components still end up as fuel, in low grade applications or in...

Clean steel

Clean steel: Re-use of steel cord from tyres as reinforcement in sustainable construction Concept: A method has recently been developed for recovering very high strength steel cord (RTSC) from the significant volumes of pre-vulcanised rubber waste generated during the manufacture of car and truck tyres. Preliminary research has shown this...

Reuse of Tyre Fibres for Fire-Spalling-Proof Concrete (IGNIS)

Reuse of Tyre Fibres for Fire-Spalling-Proof Concrete (IGNIS) is a research project funded by H2020 through the Marie Slodovska Curie Programme. Fire-induced explosive spalling (violent peeling-off of concrete surface) is a major drawback of modern high-performance and high-strength concrete. Tunnels and buildings have been seen to experience catastrophic failure due...