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Dr Cyril Lynsdale



Department of Civil and Structural Engineering
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Dr Cyril Lynsdale is a lecturer in cement and concrete materials and technology. Having obtained his MSc from Leeds stayed on and for his work on superplasticisers and concrete performance was awarded a PhD. He stayed in Leeds for a further 2 years as a research fellow to work on pigmented pfa concrete for cooling tower construction before joining Sheffield in 1989. His main research focuses on studying concrete materials and properties at the micro and macro levels bridging the interface between science and engineering, and the use of various cementitious and other materials for the development of durable and environmentally friendly concrete promoting sustainable construction.

He was invited in 2000 to co-organise an international conference on sustainable construction, which was organised in collaboration with the Federal University of Paraiba, Brazil. He is a member of the Centre for Cement and Concrete and ACI and is currently course co-ordinator for the Departmental suite of MScs in Structural Engineering.

Recent activities and achievements

Recent research interest and work has been in the following areas:

  • Alkali activation of slag, pulverised fuel ash and natural pozzolana as sole binders for concrete
  • The combined effect of sulfate and chloride exposure on the formation of thaumasite in concrete
  • Calcium sulfoaluminate cement as binder for structural concrete
  • Development of high performance concrete incorporating metakaolin and other ternary blended cementitious systems
  • Geotechnical controls on aggregate-cement paste interfacial zone in concrete
  • Deterioration of heat cured mortars due to the combined effect of delayed ettringite formation and freeze-thaw cycling


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