Concrete and Earthquake Engineering Research Group

Department of Civil & Structural Engineering

Basic Training Course on Earthquake Engineering


25/10/2017 - 18:00


The seminars will be delivered by international experts from the CEE group and guest speakers.


The Diamond, Room tbc, St George’s Complex (off St George's Terrace) The University of Sheffield Sheffield, S1 4DP

About the event

Have you ever wondered why earthquakes happen or why buildings collapse during earthquakes? Do you know that globally there are over 70,000 fatalities  per year due to earthquake-induced disasters? Earthquakes can devastate communities and local economies, as happened recently in Nepal and Mexico. Birkdale school is actively contributing to the relief efforts and supporting schools in Nepal. A field mission is also planned for 2018.
The Earth is a dynamic and a continually evolving system. We cannot predict  earthquakes, so the best way to mitigate future losses is to raise awareness of the underlying risks and learn how to minimise them. 
The Concrete and Earthquake Engineering (CEE) group at the University of Sheffield has been working on innovative seismic strengthening techniques and risk management studies for over 20 years.
Aim of the course 
This course will provide a basic knowledge of the fundamental principles of seismic hazard and risk mitigation strategies and provide practical training on the strengthening of small buildings in preparation for a field mission to Nepal.
Course structure
The course will run from October 2017 to March 2018 and will be delivered as a series of two-hour evening seminars. Participants will learn about earthquake-related risks, their social and economic impact and risk mitigation strategies.
The last session of the course will consist of hands-on laboratory training in seismic strengthening of small concrete structures. The seminars will be delivered by international experts from the CEE group and guest speakers.
Who should attend?
The course is open to secondary education students, parents and the general public interested in learning about earthquakes and risk mitigation strategies.

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