Concrete and Earthquake Engineering Research Group

Department of Civil & Structural Engineering

COST Action TU1207

Action TU1207 leverages the already large amount of work carried out on the use of composite reinforcement for structural applications by individual research teams and existing learned groups.

Action TU1207 was established in 2013 and will operate until 2017. In these four years the Action will aim:

  • to coordinate European research in the field of composite reinforcement for structural applications (new structures andĀ strengthening of existing buildings)
  • to develop and maintain a critical mass of researchers
  • to offer a link between academia and industry
  • to assist in the development a new generation of design guidelines based on European Standards.

This will facilitate the adoption of European products not only in Europe but also internationally and help Europe stay one step ahead of International competitors.

Despite the overwhelming popularity that research on composite reinforcement (Fibre Reinforced Polymer - FRP - reinforcements, Textile Reinforced Mortars - TRM, and more) has gained in the past twenty years, and the growing number of applications in the construction industry, there are still key scientific questions that remain unanswered. Along with these scientific challenges, a bigger barrier to the more efficient and innovative use of this emerging technology, is the poor communication amongst researchers themselves, as well as between academia and industry.

With the above issues in mind, COST Action TU1207 will:

  • Foster active communication amongst researchers and promote the establishment of a strong community
  • Cross pollinate research through the dynamic dissemination of ideas, experiences and best practice
  • Enable the faster consolidation of knowledge and the more proactive advancement of the state-of-the-art
  • Facilitate knowledge transfer and the advancement of current design practice into much needed standardised provisions

Through the co-ordination and dissemination activities that will be implement, this COST Action will also offer a unique one-stop forum that will enable the active involvement of the major stakeholders (manufacturer, distributors, contractors, and standardisation committees), the roles of which are otherwise limited by the confines of nationally funded projects. This will in turn assist in increasing the international standing of the European Research Area and the international competitiveness of the European Composite Industry.