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Ultra optimum green concrete using high volume fly ash activated systems


Velandia DF, Lynsdale C, Ramirez F, Provis JL, Hermida G, Gomez AC
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© 2013 Materials Research Society. Environmental issues related to CO2 emissions have become a key focus for many different industries, including the cement and concrete industry. An environmentally optimized 'green' concrete can provide a much needed alternative to conventional concrete to reduce the carbon foot-print of the construction industry. This can be achieved through high Portland cement replacement by fly ash and with the inclusion of activators to enhance the rate of development of strength and other properties. This study evaluates different fly ashes and different activators (Na2SO4, lime and quicklime) that are added to enhance the reaction of the fly ash to achieve a comparable performance to that of standard Portland cement in mixes of much lower CO2 emissions. TGA, XRD and SEM are used to determine the development of hydration products and the consumption of portlandite by the fly ash. It is found that the amorphous content of the fly ash is an important parameter influencing compressive strength evolution. Based on the results, Na2SO4 as an activator, and a fly ash with high reactive SiO2 and Al2O3 contents and low Fe2O3 are found to provide the best options for producing a high volume fly ash matrix with the potential to show comparable behavior to a Portland cement control mix.

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Journal article
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Journal of Mechanics
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