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Seismic strengthening of substandard RC structures using different FRP materials


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Extensive damage in recent earthquakes has highlighted the need for strengthening of substandard structures in developing countries. Using Fibre Reinforced Polymer composites (FRPs) is one of the efficient methods to improve the seismic performance of RC structures. In this research, the effects of using different FRP materials including Carbon, Aramid, Basalt and Glass on the strengthening of a substandard 10 story RC frame is investigated. By using nonlinear dynamic analyses, the seismic performance of the frame before and after seismic strengthening is compared under several earthquake excitations including Cape Mendocino, El-Centro, Kobe, Northridge, Park field and a synthetic spectrum compatible earthquake. The effects of using different number of FRP layers on the fundamental maximum strain, column capacity, lateral displacement and ductility of the frames are discussed in this paper.

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The 3rd International Conference on Composites: Characterization, Fabrication and Application (CCFA-3)
Shokrieh MM, Varvani-Farahani A
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Paper No. 2222 (in USB key)
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Tehran, Iran
Tehran, Iran