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Investigation of concrete–clay interaction with regards to the thaumasite form of sulfate attack


Abubaker F, Lynsdale CJ, Cripps JC
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The influence of clay composition on the severity of attack due to thaumasite sulfate attack (TSA) on concrete made with CEM I and CEM I blended with 10% Limestone Filler (LF) was investigated. Concrete specimens were exposed to weathered Lower Lias Clay (LLC), for which the water soluble sulfate corresponded to the BRE sulfate class of DS-2, for 12 months at 5 and 20 C. A parallel study was carried out in which specimens of the same concretes were placed in sulfate solutions equivalent to DS-2 and DS-4 at the same temperatures. It was found that concrete exposed to clay with sulfate design class DS-2 deteriorated at a faster rate than corresponding specimens in DS-2 solution and at a similar or greater rate to those exposed to the DS-4 sulfate solution. This suggests that the aggressively of clay and resulting concrete deterioration could exceed what might be observed in concrete exposed to equivalent standard test solutions.

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Journal article
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Construction and Building Materials
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