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The effect of chloride on performance of cement mortars subjected to sulfate exposure at low temperature


Abdalkader AHM, Lynsdale CJ, Cripps JC
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The effect of chloride on performance of cement mortars made with CEMI and CEMI blended with 10% limestone filler and subjected to sulfate attack was investigated. The performance of the specimens was assessed by means of visual inspection and loss of mass. In addition, the mineralogy of the deterioration products was determined by infra-red spectroscopy and X-ray diffraction. Mortar made with CEMI blended with 10%LF showed higher deterioration rate than that made with CEMI. It was also found that at the concentration used in this study, chloride accelerates the development of thaumasite resulting in marked deterioration to the specimens at 5?C. This is contrary to reported favorable effects of chloride in mitigating sulfate attack at higher temperatures.

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Third International Conference on Sustainable Construction Materials and Technologies, SCMT3
Claisse PA, Miyagawa T, Naik TR
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200 GSP
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Paper no. M3-9 2
Kyoto, Japan