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Miss Francesca Roscini

Visiting PhD Student


Department of Civil and Structural Engineering
Sir Frederick Mappin Building
Mappin Street,
S1 3JD


Francesca is a civil engineer and she got her BSc, and MSc in Civil Engineering at Perugia University. She worked at Perugia University as a research fellow. Her research was focused on the structural rehabilitation, testing and control. She carried out experimental investigations on the fatigue behaviour of concrete and numerical studies related to the structural health monitoring with FE models. Since November 2014, she is a PhD student at the Department of Engineering of Roma Tre University. Her current research topics include the rehabilitation structures damaged by earthquakes with Externally Bonded Reinforcements (EBR) with composites. She was involved in an international research programme for the experimental investigation of the mechanical properties innovative composites for the structural reinforcement. She is a member of the RILEM TC 250-CSM Composites for the Sustainable Strengthening of Masonry and the Cost Action TU1207 Next Generation Design Guidelines for Composites in Construction. She is author of journal articles and conference papers on these topics.

PhD Project topic: Retrofitting masonry vaults with Steel Reinforced Grout strengthening system


  • SRG properties
  • SRG mechanical behaviour: direct tensile test and shear bond test¬†
  • Full scale vaults strengthened with SRG

Tasks and methodology: 
Experimental investigation are carried out in the laboratory: in particular they are performed on direct tensile tests on dry textile and on composite. Single-lap shear bond tests were performed on brickwork substrate (rectilinear and curved shaped prisms) to determine the bond performance in terms of strength and failure mode. Experimental investigation carried out in the laboratory on full-scale vaults. Traditional instruments (LVDTs, strain gauges, potentiometers) are used with contact-less DIC method to detect measurements.

Expected results:

  • SRG qualification parameters
  • Increasing in load-carrying capacity attained with the SRG reinforcement and the modification of the failure mode
  • Prediction procedure to calculate failure load in the masonry structural elements reinforced with SRG

Research project(s)

COST Action TU1207

Action TU1207 leverages the already large amount of work carried out on the use of composite reinforcement for structural applications by individual research teams and existing learned groups. Action TU1207 was established in 2013 and operated until 2017. During these four years the Action aimed: to coordinate European research in...